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It started with the Covid lockdown and the cancelation of our reservations at Elephant Butte State Park by the New Mexico Governor and not just one time but two times.

God knows why she shut down the State Park where we could get out and enjoy the outdoors. So in early 2020, we got away only one time for a few days to the KOA in Silver City.

But now it's early November and we have worked in, around and on our house about as much as we can and now we needed to get away somewhere.

We did not want to risk yet another canceled reservation at the State Park and we wanted to go someplace warmer than Ruidoso or Silver City.  These are great places to go in the summer in southern New Mexico but not it's fall and didn't want to deal with frozen water lines and such.

After a bit of searching, we found Rusty's RV Ranch in Rodeo New Mexico as a possible good option to explore

Sign for Rustys RV Ranch in Rodeo New Mexico

Rustys RV Ranch in Rodeo New Mexico

I had a feeling this was going to be the perfect getaway for us and it was and as I suspected our T-Mobile phones did not have a signal there at the RV park. I mean there wasn't even a flicker of a signal bar there. I spoke to others that had Verizon and they had decent service but our service on the road has been limited since switching to T-Mobile.

They do have basic internet at Rustys but since the park is full this time of year and everyone has at least two devices it seems it was very sluggish and unpredictable. So no phone, barely any internet and no TV for 4 days, just what we wanted.

We had come prepared with some magazines and books and it was a good thing we did!

On our first day there we decided to take a drive down to Douglas Arizona which is about an hour away to get some art supplies that Barbara forgot to bring. Driving down to Douglas AZ was on my list of things to do anyway on this trip.

More coming....


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